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The Legend of Alexandria

September 15th, 2008

Adelaide and Odette, re: Ana @ 02:02 am

"Look at that stance, Odette, and tell me who that girl looks like."
"She looks like him."
"It isn't just looks. She moves like the old man, she carries herself like him." There was a long silence between them. "She's his. Don't you think so?"
Odette shrugged. "Yes, but so am I. So are we all, through one lover or another."
"You don't have to play so close to the vest with me," Adelaide reminded her quietly.
"She makes me uncomfortable," Odette confessed.
"How could she not? If he'd not been my grandfather, perhaps she would have been mine."
"You hated him," the mage reminded her, smiling faintly. "I loved him. We're not so far removed. One could scarcely love Allain without hating him a little."
"He was so selfish! How could one so selfish receive such blessings? How could one so blessed, be so selfish?"
"He was who he was."
"And women..."
"Aside from you, and your wise judgments, Adelaide, we loved him."

"Have you seen her men?"
"The Arienid and the Avisir?"
"Mehram and Haring."
"Yes. They're circling each other now. They love her enough to accept it."
"It's upsetting."
"No more so than Edrice and Ralph, don't you think?"
"That's different. Edrice loves Ralph. Does she love them? Or is it a fleeting lust? Will she leave them by the roadside as her father did all his women?"
"Who can say?"
"I hoped you could. You knew him better than anyone still alive."
"Did I?" Odette's dark eyes were mirthless. "Can anyone so old truly be understood by one as young as I was? I loved him, and he loved me, in his cold way, he made me so much more than I was. But still, I wasn't happy. He never made anybody happy, Adelaide. Not even himself."

"So this child, what do you think of her?"
"With Allain's blessings came his curse. I hope she can find happiness here. The resting place he never had. But at the same time, she upsets me, and I am too old to be strong, like Kira's been with her young man. I'm glad she has no ability to use the elements. It means I don't have to help her."
"I've never heard you say such a thing."
"You are the only person to whom I would."
"Thank you, Odette."
"And you?"
"Let Leander train her. I have no use for such a student in my care."
"I don't fault you for that."
"I knew you wouldn't."
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The Legend of Alexandria